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    Show / Hide Filters based on other filter

    Jagadeesh Kumar Yogamoorthy

      Hi All,
      I have a filter of dimension, through which i can toggle between list of dimensions , for which my aggreagated data is shown,


      eg: Country - > sum(sales)


      if Filter option  changed from Country to Sub_Category, then it is,


      Sub_category-> Sum(sales)


      My question goes here,-->
      I have both filters for Country and Sub_category in the dashboard along with the Dimension selection filter.


      When I select only Country Dimension, "the Country filter" alone should be shown in the dashboard, hiding the Sub-Category filter.
      same for Sub_category also, country filter should be hided.


      Thanks in advance!


      (P.S: This is similar to the visibily attribute show/hide for controls we have in dotnet)