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    Subscribers personas segmentation

    François Jacquemart

      Hello everyone,


      I've been using Tableau since a few months and this is my first discussion, I'll try to be as complete as possible.



      Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 11.02.32.png


      Here is my view. My users can have one or more ID (Subscriptions), and we have 5 subscription plans. I added a number in front of every plan to be able to sort them from the cheapest (1) to the most expensive (5).


      My problem here is to distinguish downgraded users from upgraded users


      If [Countd Status]=2 and [Countd Plan ID Corrected]=1 then 'Resurrected'

      ELSEIF [Countd Status]=2 and [Countd Plan ID Corrected]=2 then 'Resurrected'

      elseif [Countd Status]=1 and [Countd Plan ID Corrected]>1 and STR(CONTAINS([Min Plan ID Sorted],"1bsit"))= 't' then 'Upgraded'

      elseif [Countd Status]=1 and [Countd Plan ID Corrected]>1 and STR(CONTAINS([Max Plan ID Sorted],"1bsit"))= 't' then 'Downgraded'




      ELSEIF [Countd Status]=1 and [Countd Plan ID Corrected]=1 then 'Simple user'



      A resurrected user will have multiple Subscriptions (So Countd Status or Countd ID will be >1)

      Upgraded/Downgraded users have 1 subscription but change Plan so Plan ID >1


      the problem here with my Upgraded/Downgraded is that I can't say if 1bsit happened before or after the 'Bigger' Plan ID, because they are Max and Min and not First and Last.


      There could also be another solution with other calculations that I didn't think off.


      One solution could be to keep the first value of a string field (here Plan ID corrected) as well as the last value, but I don't thing there's a formula that keep the last string Value for a field on a Fixed User, is there?


      Thanks in advance, hope I've been as clear as possible