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    Working with cubes data

    Rakesh Cherukuri

           Hi Everyone,


      I have been using cubes and figured most of the stuff, but facing issue with one certain calculation.


      I have a hierarchy like

      ([Measures].[Periodic],[ACCOUNT].[H1].[TOTAL_OPER_REV]) this uses [FINAL_DEPT].[H1].[F_ALL_DEPARTMENT]

      /([Measures].[Periodic],[Account].[H1].[TOT_FTE_CONTR_VAC].[TOT_FTE_CONTR].[TOT_FTE]) this uses another kind of filter in another hierarchy [FINAL_DEPT].[H2].[F_ALT_CHF_ADM_OFF]


      when I use separately the values matches, but due to both having different filters from different hierarchy, when i divide the OPER_Rev with TOT FTE then the values doesn't match.


      Can anyone help me  Pooja Gandhi  , Joe Oppelt , Tharashasank Davuluru John Sobczak  Thanks in advance.