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    Dashboard - Auto Filter Target View Based on Field Value from Source View

    Meghan Kyle



      I have a dashboard that requires the following actions:


      1. I want to be able to select one single customer.

      2. Selecting this customer will filter the first view by that customer and show their sales by product

      3. Because each customer has one and only on "Segment", I AUTOMATICALLY want my second view to filter only on the Customer's Segment. This will result in showing ALL customer sales by that one segment.


      4. This is what the dashboard should look like after selecting the single customer:

      PROBLEM: I cannot figure out how to filter a second view based on field values from the previous view. I do not want the user to have to select the "Segment" via a parameter or a filter. I need this to happen automatically upon selection of the customer.


      I've attached the workbook.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!