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    Tableau Server unable to refresh extract containing excel documents

    Laura Wells

      Hello Tableau Community!


      I have been experiencing issues trying to refresh an extract on Tableau Server that includes excel documents. It looks like when TS tries to refresh the extract it, it pulls from a file in my temp folder, not the original source. The extract doesn't come back as a failed extract refresh, it just does not connect to the original data source to capture the modifications/data updates from the excel documents. I can refresh the extract from Tableau Desktop if I re point my excel file location to the original source. I have already tried the following work arounds:


      - saved the dashboard as a .twb file and not a .twbx file

      - ensured excel documents were closed

      -saved the path to the original source in the workbook before publishing to TS


      When I go to publish the dashboard and click on data sources, I have TS "Server Run as Account" for my SQL data sources and the only option I have for my excel options is "None."


      Has anyone experienced this and figured out a way to get your dashboard extract to refresh on TS and populate updated data from an excel datasource?