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    Color formatting for several conditions

    Nadia Novik

      Hi team,


      I have a table that I would prefer to use conditional formatting.

      I have used Color tab for one of the measures (CPI and SPI) but do not know how to apply coloring for additional dimensions (Report date).

      I would like to have all data relevant to the last report period (in this case April 2018)  for different regions to be colored"black' when other reporting periods and relevant data to be colored "grey'.


      Since the original table consists of more than 15 measure values as well as preferred layout, I am not able to insert them all values in Columns as suggested in other posts (to create calculated color formatting).


      Thank you.

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          Zach Leber

          Coloring only affects marks. In your view your marks are your two measure values. Your dimensions are not marks. I don't think there's a good way to color the recent dates as requested. There are hacks with using square marks as background to your numerical marks so they could encode something different but I wouldn't recommend that.


          You could create a calculated boolean field called [Latest Report] and add that to your view as an indicator. You could alias True and False to "*" and " " for example.

          // check if report is latest for the region
          [Report Date]={FIXED [Region] : MAX([Report Date])}