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    Status Over Time

    Robert Marchwinski

      Hi all,

        I'm taking a bit of a shot in the dark as I suspect this question may be outside of Tableau's capabilities, but here it goes. I'm currently working on a dashboard that tracks projects from start to end. The idea being that a manager can see how many projects were open over time. The rub comes when I want to display this over time. Here's an example:


      Let's say Project A was opened 1/31/17 and closed 4/1/18.

                      Project B was opened 2/1/18 and is still open


      I'd like to show a plot that displays how many projects were open as of end of each (year,quarter, month) like below


      Since Project A was open throughout all of 2017, it is counted at the end of each quarter.

      Is it possible to produce this kind of plot with only start and end dates? Or do I need to have the status at the end of each time interval?