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    How to only display lines that meet some conditions




      I've created the attached dashboard and was wondering if there was anyway to highlight the lines that meet a set of conditions in a better way. So I am using it to find lines with high shipped units and with large variances vs LW and/or 4 weeks ago. At the moment I sort the latest week's shipped units by largest to smallest and look down the list to find those highlighted in red and stop when I get to lines with smaller shipped units. As you can see I am using a large dataset and would like to develop it further to use on larger datasets, therefore if there was a way that i narrow down the data to only those that meet the following conditions for the latest week:

      1. Shipped units greater than 10
      2. Variance vs LW less than -£2 and/or Variance vs 4 weeks ago less than -£10


      I originally thought I could do this using filters or sets but haven't been able to and have hit a wall so any help would be appreciated.