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    Setup for row security


      I have a dashoard where I have mulitple users. I would like these users to be filtered by Level A and Level B. I also have users who should have access to all the data. Therefore I use the calculation


      USERNAME() = [Username] or ISMEMBEROF("International_Full_Access")


      Now my question is how I should Join the security data to my sales data. If I use inner it doesnt work. When I use left I get duplicated value, for the users with full access, if there are more than one user in the security file who has access to the same data.

      So left join works for all users in the security file but not for "International Full Access" they get duplicated data.


      I also have a problem in Tableau desktop where I cant test to filter as user. I cant understand why


      Hope someone can help me udnerstand how to do this join.




      This is what I have done

      I have top level users ISMEMBEROF("International_Full_Access") who should have access to all data


      Then I have users who should get access from my Security SQL file.

      First I created a security file where all possible combinations are included. As you see it can be multple users with the same level of detail.


      Then I have a calculation that will look at each of the combinations. Also if the users are in the International Full Access Group.

      Last I filter if true they will see the data