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    Tableau Prep unable to edit data connections

    Catherine March

      Hello there!


      I'm using Tableau Prep 2018.1.2 desktop version to connect to multiple excel files stored in a SharePoint site. I'd like to change the connects to be to local copies of the same files - connecting to Sharepoint for the files has decreased my flow performance time. I've copied exact replicas of the files onto my desktop as well as the Tableau Prep file. when I attempt to edit the connection and adjust the location from Sharepoint to my local drive, Tableau Prep thinks about it and eventually just stops running and I have to end the entire program. I've also tried adding the data sources as 'new' and adding the connections to the flow but when I select "remove' on the old data sources again Tableau Prep freezes.


      Any advice on altering connections from Sharepoint located files to local files?