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    Dynamic Action Filter Setting


      Dear Tableau Community,


      I have a dashboard with different worksheets. I´ve created an action filtering by LCB (Region). As you can see "WORLD" is selected. But since i´m connected to a cube and "WORLD" is on a different level, it shows me nothing on worksheet 2 (different datsource: EXCEL). The weird thing is that all values are selected and if I click on "Apply" the correct figures are appearing. I´m wondering if it´s possible either to select all values if action filter is empty. Or to remove action filter if "WORLD" is selected. Is that possible?



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          Joe Oppelt

          Action filters pass values.  You can specify the dimension (or multiple dimensions) to grab from the source sheet, and the correlating dimension(s) on the target sheet.  Then, the value(s) in the dimension(s) on the source sheet get passed to the field(s) identified in the action on the target sheet, and that's what will get displayed on the target sheet. 

          The dimension(s) on the source sheet have to be on the sheet.  That is to say, if there is a dimension on your source sheet that contains "WORLD", you have to have that dimension on the sheet -- either on the details shelf, or the ROWS or COLUMNS shelf.  Then the action will pick up the value from the mark the user clicks on, and pass it to the source sheet.


          A high level description is the best I can do for you here.  If you want specific help on your specific workbook, I'll need a sample workbook to look at.

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            i have value "WORLD" in dimension on worksheet 1 coming from OLAP Cube. On Worksheet 2 i only have the regions (LCB) without "WORLD" so that´s why there´s no connection between two sheets. But since WORLD aggregates all the regions it would help me - if "WORLD" is selected on worksheet 1 - that all values on worksheet 2 are selected. How can i achieve this?

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              i´ve managed it to provide you a workbook. You can see the jump from worksheet 1 to worksheet 2. On worksheet 1 i´ve region "WORLD" and on worksheet 2 nothing. I want to achieve to see all regions in worksheet 2 once "WORLD" on worksheet 1 is selected.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Filter action has to pass the value that gets clicked.  Since there is no "WORLD" in the data source for the second sheet, the action will result in a blank sheet for sheet 2.

                The best I can suggest is a workaround.  I made a copy of Sheet2, and took off all filters.  You get the "WORLD" value this way.  I floated Sheet 2 and shoved a blank into the tiled area where it originally was so that you get the same look on the dashboard for sheet 1.  Next I created a container, and dragged Sheet 2 into it.  And also dragged sheet 2(2) behind it in the container.


                Click on Region 2.  You can see that Sheet 2 still does what you want, and sheet 2(2) stays with the full data set.

                Now click WORLD.  Sheet 2 goes blank.  Sheet 2(2) shifts over to fill the space that Sheet 2 occupied.


                Go to the second dashboard.  I floated a blank that I colored white over Sheet 2(2).  You only see Sheet 2.  When Sheet 2 goes blank and Sheet 2(2) shifts over, you see that one.

                Some details: When you first drag Sheet 2(2) onto the dashboard, your action assumes you want it to act on sheet 2(2) as well.  You'll need to uncheck Sheet 2(2) in the action.


                Also, notice what happens when you click Region 1 on the second dashboard.  The numbers displayed have fewer digits, and the sheet shrinks a little, and therefore a bit of Sheet 2(2) sneaks into view.  Maybe your actual application won't have numbers that will make this happen, but if it does, we can look at ways to address this.


                And notice that I have does "Hide Title" for sheet 2 and sheet 2(2).  If I don't hide the title, then sheet 2 will retain its allocated space even when the data goes blank.  If you need the sheet identified on the dashboard, use a text box and float things accordingly to make them fit correctly.

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