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    Finding number of tickets opened for more than 30 days every month

    Rudy Krauffel

      Hello everyone,


      I've been struggling for a while now on trying to display what I want.

      My data is presented like this:


      id   ---   date   ---   date_creation   ---   solvedate   ---   solve_delay_stat


      solve_delay_stat is the number of seconds between date_creation and solvedate. "Date" and "date_creation" are the same.


      I'm trying to show, for every month on a period of ten years, the number of distinct tickets that are opened for 30 days or more. Tickets that might have lasted 35 days should appear only once on the month they are solved, but 140 days old tickets should appear on every month since their creation exept the first, for which the ticket never got older than 30 days.


      I'm really having trouble trying to wrap my mind around the logic, if someone had some idea around where to start I'd be grateful. I'll post a data sample tomorrow.


      Thank you, have a good day.