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    Parameter does not affect measure from secondary data source

    Rico de Feijter

      In a previous thread I had the issue that the measure of a secondary datasource was not able to update when changing a parameter, as can be seen in the link below:


      How to dynamically change a secondary datasource measure on the basis of a parameter?


      I was advised to start a new thread, as the solution given in the thread above worked for the case when the underlying data source is the same. I.e. in the workbook attached in the thread above all datasources came from Excel.


      However, ultimately I want to use both excel and SQL as datasources, as you can see in the attached workbook of this thread. Here we see sheet 1 of the workbook attached:

      This sheet contains two parameters that should update the two CURR_BALANCE measures, of which one comes from a secondary datasource. However, when I change the parameter, the CURR_BALANCE from the secondary data source is not updated while it has data in the date range given. As you can see in Sheet 2, 0210 is for instance updated from 18.160 to 37.320 when changing the MaxDateParameter from 1-3-2018 to 30-4-2018 and back to 18.160 when changing the parameter back to 1-3-2018.


      The same behavior should be displayed in Sheet 1, so that both CURR_BALANCE measures are updated when changing parameter values.


      Could someone explain how to achieve this?