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    How to calculate Period number in which maximum quantity was sold ?

    Devesh Soni

      Hi all,


      I am having bit of a trouble finding the period number in which max quantity was sold. I want to create a table in which I can show Period(Quarter/Month/Week) - Year wise maximum quantity sold.



      In the above image(1) I have highlighted the maximum quantity sold in each year. I can also select period by parameter image(2) .


      In the above table I want to show the month number in which maximum sales was made. Please suggest me what can be done to achieve this.

      Any help would be appreciated.


      Dataset used : Sample_super_store


      Here's the link for my tableau's workbook :      https://public.tableau.com/views/Max_sales_in_period/Sheet3


      Thank you.


      PS: Spare me if I have missed out any detail, this is my first post