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    How to output the difference between two table calculations?

    Ayub Keshtmand

      Version: 10.3

      Data source: Sample - EU Superstore

      Workbook: matrix table test.twbx

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      What I have:

      • All sheets - I have a matrix/pivot table/text table with subcategory against country for Sales.
      • Sheet 1 - I have 4 measure values: Sum of Sales, % of Total Sum of Sales, Sum of Sales (Excluding Country) and % of Total Sum of Sales (Excluding Country)
      • Sheet 2 - Checks to see if the Sum of Sales (Excluding Country) calculations are correct
      • Sheet 3 - Extension of Sheet 1 using a parameter to filter across measures (e.g. Sum of Profit instead of Sum of Sales)


      What I want to do:

      • Include another value within each cell to show the difference between % of Total Sum of Sales and % of Total Sum of Sales (Excluding Country)
      • E.g. for the below screenshot, under Accessories/Austria I want a field showing 2.93% - 5.55% = -2.62%
        • Accessories/Belgium: 2.27% - 5.55%
        • Appliances/Austria: 2.32% - 9.37%
        • Appliances/Belgium: 3.75% - 9.37%

      • Ideally I would like for this to work with Sheet 3's parameter/calculated field - but if it isn't possible then I will be ok with just the Sales metric.


      Hope that all makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks in advance!