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    Show all rows contributing to N occurrences

    Amit Narkar

      Hi Experts,


      I am trying to find all rows which contribute to N occurrences. I have attached a sample workbook (2018.1)



      User will use parameter to control N occurrences. So as per above snapshot when I put parameter=3

      I need to see rows for each person which has same numbers of hours for 3+ times in a row.


      E.g Person A: All rows which follow pattern for 3+ times i.e all rows with 50 as  hours

      Person B: All rows which follow patter and have hours as 40 and 60.


      I have created calculation to identify consecutive occurrences. Position of a row in a pattern.

      However I am struggling to create a filter condition to get just those records which follow the pattern.


      As per current filter logic I could identify the Nth occurrence and N+ occurrence. I need all the rows which contribute to N rows pattern.


      I really appreciate your help.