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    Tracking Data/Crosstab Downloads

    Nitish Pamarty

      Hi All,


      I want to track every data or crosstab download on the tableau server. It seems like none of that info is stored in Postgres, so I'm having to work with logs (thankfully all of our server logs are on splunk). I am able to see logs on workbook/datasource from which the download happened but not the exact sheet.


      Can anyone help me to get to the sheet level either by using the logs or any other way?



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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Nitish,


          We would be very interested in this as well. The best intelligence we have managed to obtain to date is to calculate page renders via the server status interface, and google analytics tells us a little bit more about site behaviour. This counts on the crosstab view being in a different location to the remainder of our vizzes where we know that users are going there for the purpose of downloading.