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    Determining equipment status as % from "change of value" dates

    Liam Kelly

      Totally new to Tableau here. I've been tasked with something that seems difficult to me, but probably is very basic. Just looking for some guidance/pointers/first steps so I can focus my efforts.


      I have data that has records of equipment ID, Value (1,2 or 3), and date. The date stamp represents the time when a piece of equipment went into a specific mode. What I want to be able to do is calculate how much time the equipment spent in any state for a specified time period.  Data looks like this.


      AC3977Heater_Status26/16/2018 1:19:50 AM
      AC3977Heater_Status16/16/2018 1:31:50 AM
      AC3977Heater_Status26/16/2018 3:18:21 AM
      AC3977Heater_Status36/17/2018 6:57:36 PM
      AC3977Heater_Status16/17/2018 7:23:47 PM
      AC3977Heater_Status26/17/2018 9:02:56 PM


      For example, how much time in seconds did AC3977 spend in mode 2 on June 17th. I would also like to plot for example, June17th but have it show midnight to midnight (i.e it would know what the status was at the start of the time interval i'm filtering on, in this case mode 2). I will expand on this later with plots showing the mode or something, but want to get the basics set up first. Do I need to create a second dimension that has all the dates by second? Not sure how to do that. Been through all the training videos and searched around the forum but not having much clarity on how to get where I'm going. Any suggestions appreciated.