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    2 dates with 2 attributes on a single record

    Keith Cheung



      I have the following problem and not sure if it's the problem of the structure of the data source


      Table 1 contains the date of user join and a set of user ids

      Table 2 contains the actions that the user made


      Using Prep and I've joined them to one table so each record contains two date values, joineddate & actiondate


      Now I'd like plot a line with X-axis as the common timeline showing the number of news joiner over time & the number of actions taken.


      I tried using both dates on column with dual axis, and then put the distinct count of user id as rows and ended up



      Which blue line correctly shows the number of new joiners on each day but the red line shows the number of distinct users who took action on that day.


      If I put the number of records (i.e. the number actions took) then ended up with 4 lines.


      How do I get to 2 lines which shows the number of unique users and number of action make?


      Many thanks!!!!