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    How to Compare Two Date Columns on One Axis

    Juan Daza

      Hi community,


      I am trying to compare two different date columns and graph the count based on each one of those. Attached is an excel file with the mock up data and desired output.


      I have two date fields (Date Type A) and (Date Type B). Generally speaking, DTB is always ahead of DTA. I want o be able to reconcile the numbers and have a count on a dateline basis. Imagine a CountIfs in Excel where the date column is the total range of both dates without duplicates.


      Any help is very much appreciated. I tried following the tutorial in the link below but it is based on the fact that I have just one date column and in my case I have two date columns.


      Thanks in advance!


      Tableau 201: How to Compare Two Date Ranges on One Axis