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    Orders by Customer - Fixed LOD w/ Multi-select Time Period

    Ben Page



      I'm running into a challenge and hoping someone can help me out. I want to expand on one of the basic use cases for an LOD calc - # of orders per Customer bins. However, I want to get this to update correctly when I change the time period I select. To start, I have my calc that works for an overall data set (Superstore in this case):


      Now, when I add a multi-select value for Year, and update my calc to take that into consideration:

      This works correct when I have one year selected at a time. However, when I select multiple, or the entire data set now, the numbers don't work.



      Notice the change in COUNTD(Customer ID). I know why this is happening - the second chart is counting the same Customer IDs in different bins, if they have a different number of orders in different years. So, the first calc doesn't help me with a multi-select filter because it doesn't update when I change the values. The second doesn't help either because it shows the wrong numbers, unless only one year is selected. I've attached my workbook. Anyone know of a way to get the calc to work as I'd like for both scenarios?