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    Issues with Quick Filtering on Sankey Diagram

    SH L

      Hi all,


      I'm facing a few issues with the sample Sankey diagram as attached. Below show the diagram with all Years selected. (The Sankey set up is based on  link  https://www.theinformationlab.co.uk/2018/03/09/build-sankey-diagram-tableau-without-data-prep-beforehand by Ian Baldwin)



      When I selected Year 2011, the middle Sankey diagram disappeared:


      For this issue, I found out that there is only 1 record that has Year 2011 for Person 2 in the sample data structure.


      And if I modified a cell for testing purposes, such that Person 3 now has a Year 2011 record,


      The Middle Sankey now appears:



      Is there a way to show the Sankey diagram correctly based on the Year filter selection?