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    How to dynamically change a secondary datasource measure on the basis of a parameter?

    Rico de Feijter



      I have set up Sheet 1 where I use "Saldibalans" from a secondary data source, which is blended with the primary data source through Rekening(2018 - 3+ (K-Force)= Rekening(2018 - 3+ (Holding)), as you can see below:



      I want to change both CURR_BALANCE (2018 - 3+ (K-Force)) and Saldibalans (2018 - 3+ (Holding)) dynamically by changing the mindate and maxdate parameters on the right hand side.


      However, when the maxdate is changed from 31-4-2018 00:00:00 to 1-3-2018 00:00:00, the Saldibalans of id=0210 should change to 18.160, as can be seen in Sheet 2 (where 2018 - 3+ (Holding) is the primary datasource):


      However, when I change the parameter to this date on Sheet 1 only CURR_BALANCE from the primary data source changes, while Eind balans does not change.


      Could someone please explain why the parameter does not affect Eind balans, which comes from a secondary datasource (i.e. 2018 - 3+ (Holding))?


      Is it because a parameter cannot be used to change values that come from a secondary datasource? What should I do in order for my idea to work?


      Thanks for your support in advance. My workbook is attached.