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    Dividing 1 sum amount into others

    Tyler DuMont

      Having a heck of a time wrapping my head around what I want to call this.


      I'm attempting to take one amount of my table and divide it among the rest pro rata.


      Example below would be taking the Sum of Dept 1 to 3 and then figuring out that total total (1700) and % of total for each department from that calculation then giving that percentage of Dept 4 to it to produce my end Values.


      The initial value column is a sum of months currently set to filter for the prior 12 months.


      DepartmentValueEnd Value
      Dept 1500470.59
      Dept 2700658.82
      Dept 3500470.59
      Dept 4-1000


      I'd prefer to do this on the fly vs adjusting my data but I'll do what I need to!


      Thanks for the help!