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    Customer that bought A but still haven't bought B

    Matheus Barros

      Hello community!


      Oversimplifying, I need a calculated field that would flag me:

      Who are the customers that bought product A and still haven't bought product B (kind of upgrade).

      Note: I don't want to see customers who bought product A and already bought product B (I don't need to follow up with them anymore).

      Note2: 'Product C' is when the customer buys the upgraded version right away (less common).


      In other words, for the same customer:

      When the variable [Product] = 'Product A' (non empty for amount)

      AND [Product] = 'Product B' (empty/null)



      Makes sense? Really appreciate any help!



      DateCustomer NameProduct





      October 2017ABCProduct C2,000SOLD
      Sept 2016CUSTOMER1Product A900(blank)
      April 2018CUSTOMER1Product B1,100SOLD2
      May 2018DEFGProduct C2,000SOLD
      January 2018IMPORTANT2Product A900FOLLOWUP
      January 2018IMPORTANT3Product A900FOLLOWUP