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    Problem/Confusion with saving packaged workbooks

    Gary Bisaga

      I'm having a hard time saving a packaged workbook. Please see the attached twbx. When I send this to people, they can view the worksheets, dashboards, and stories just fine. But when they click the Data Source tab, it always prompts for the database login credentials. (It does the same thing when I open it myself.)


      Is this expected behavior, or am I doing something wrong? The data originally comes from a MySQL database. I followed the instructions given on:




      Perhaps this is expected behavior? The page above is not clear on what is supposed to happen when you go to the Data Source tab. Is Data Source always supposed to re-prompt for database credentials, even when opened from a packaged workbook?

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Gary,


          This is expected behaviour because your data source is ultimately from a data base, so although people can view the visualisations related to the table in your data source, they do not have access to the data source tab because then they could have access to the other schemas in your data base. It's just to make things secure.


          To go around this, create a Tableau Extract TDE/hyper FILE and then connect to this in your visualisation. This means your data extract is just a file type and you'll be able to go to the data source to view the data.





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            Gary Bisaga

            Thank you Mavis, that's annoying but I guess it makes sense. It would be nice if the documentation was a little more clear on that!