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    Making One Label Per Region


      I have a large list of zip codes connected to a "Zone." Each zone is color coded according to the amount of sales in that specific zone. When I drag the "Zones" to Label, the name of the zone pops up multiple times, as shown in the picture below with Houston Zone as the name of the zone. Is there a way where I can get "Houston Zone" to just show up once for the entire zone rather than multiple times?



      Currently my "Marks" tab is as follows:


      Color - Sales Volume

      Label - Zone

      Detail - Zone

      Detail - Zip Codes



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          Deepak Rai

          You Need to Take out ZONE from Detail



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            Don Wise

            For your Dimensions (either Label-Zone or Detail-Zone) ensure that one of them is unselected for Detail.  So you should see (either one of them but not both) one having the ellipses to the left side ...  Thx, Don

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              Jeevan Krishna

              Both the above answers answers your question, just adding a screenshot so to be clear.


              Your visualisation is currently looking like this.


              Where zipcodes is added to detail as well in place of my state value.


              Here state is a lower granularity than country, so tableau tries to show labels on the least level possible. Since, I am using country in the label , tableau looks up the country associated with the least granularity(i.e each state) and applies the label to all the states and this comes up to be United States all over.


              Hope this helps.