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    How to use red flag image for bad records?

    Swati N



      I am working on student data and calculated their completion rate by their campus and Program.

      1. I want to use the red flag image only for the records which have completion rate less than 80%. I want the red flag to be at the end of the row. (Flag image is already added in the Tableau repository-> Shapes and also reloaded in Tableau).

      Has anyone used an image to show if the record is bad and needs improvement?


      2. I want to sue both the table from the Excel workbook to get the desired table in Tableau(expected in Tabelau is an example how I want the table to be like using both worksheets). I do not understand how I can merge or join a table with 28 and 11 rows to get the expected result in Tableau.


      The sample data file is attached along with the red flag image I want to use.