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    Getting the avg % difference for Subsequent rows in a same Column

    Mira Subramanian

      Hello ,


      I am pretty new to tableau and I have scenario as follows



      Vehicle Type                 CANCEL CODE

                                     K                  H                 L  

      A                           80%              70%          30%


      B                           15%              20%          35%



      The cancel Code is a single column and it has three values K, H AND L and I have given the number of records for K, H and L .

      Now i have to compute a field called Average % diff which Will be  ([A][H]+[A][L]/B][H]+[B][L])-1

      [A][H]- 70% [A][L]- 30% and like wise from the table above


      I have been trying to get this done for a while now. it doesn't work as expected as A, H , L are a part of the same column Cancel Rate.