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    Query about creating "dynamic" scatter plot / bubble chart

    Shawn Tan



      I am trying to create a scatter plot / bubble chart with my data with the flexibility of putting different measures on the axes. I read that one way is to use the parameter function. However, I am unable to produce a bubble chart when I apply parameters (Sheet 2 screenshot). If I select specific measures, I can create the bubble chart (Sheet 1 screenshot). Would anyone be able to advise whether I am using the parameters wrongly? The parameters' calculation is stated below:


      CASE [Parameter 1]

      WHEN "% of CAPEX to first Oil" THEN AVG([% of CAPEX to first Oil])

      WHEN "Total Production" Then AVG([Total Production])



      CASE [Parameter 2]

      WHEN "Time to 1st prod" THEN AVG([Time to 1st prod])




      Thank you!

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          Michael Gillespie

          Shawn the major issue is that for a scatter plot, you need two CONTINUOUS (Green) measures and your Parameters are DISCRETE (blue) measures.


          The typical pattern for using parameters like this is to use the parameters to allow a user to select a value, but also to create separate calculated fields that have THEIR values set by the parameters.  This gives you a little more control over what you can do in Tableau.


          In this case you might do something like this:

          New calculated field: ROW VALUE

          Formula: [Parameter 1]

          New calculated field: COLUMN VALUE

          Formula: [Parameter 2]


          Put the new calculated fields in the appropriate spots in the viz, and make sure they are GREEN (right-click on the calculated field and select "Convert to continuous").


          You'll have to play around (most likely) to get this to work.

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