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    Conditions on a specified level

    Justinas Mačiulils



      I've been having pretty much the same issue multiple times in the past when it comes to applying certain conditions in a specific 'range'. I'm not sure whether I'm explaining the problem accurately so here's an example on some dummy data.

      I want to know whether there's more than one distinct case_id per every user_id and then return a string based on the outcome per every user_id. So this would kind of need to work on the user_id 'level'. I would also like to compare aggregates with non aggregates which I know tableau doesn't let you do, for example find out if a case_id is equal to the smallest transaction_id on the level of that case_id.

      Are there any workarounds / alternative ways to do this? Knowing a way around this would solve a million issues for me.

      Tableau version 10.5