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    Fixed sort - Sort by a measure and not a dimension

    Valentino Iorio

      Hi All,


      I searched for a similar issue in the forum but I couldn't quite find the same problem as the one I'm trying to resolve (please redirect me to the right thread if this has already been discussed).


      In my worksheet I have a simple table with one dimension and four measures.

      I want the table to always be sorted by a specific measure - (e.g. descending number of clicks) but what happens is that when I change the value in the filter (e.g. I change the country), the sort automatically changes to alphabetic order.


      I tried to right click on the dimension but the "sort by" options don't include "sort by xxx measure".


      Is there a way I can fix the sort so that when I change the value in the filter it doesn't automatically changes the sort to alphabetic order or do I have to always manually re-adjust the sort by the measure I want the table to be sorted by?


      Hope is all clear