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    Fixed LOD not ignoring a filter

    Anthony Cua

      I need help with LODs again.


      I've attached a TWBX with the following sheets:

      Total Treated: Shows 445,506 as total treated. Which is what I expect.


      DivOwn Table: Shows 445,506 as total treated in the upper right. Which is again what I expect.

      divown table.png


      Audience Table: Shows 444,864 as total treated in the upper right. Seems to be caused by a certain Audience (B owners) not having eligible sales (elig filter). But I thought my Fixed LOD [Treated Hh (Aud)] disregards that filter. What's going on?

      aud table.png


      Below are my LODs:

      Treated Hh (Div) = SUM({ FIXED[Div Own]:SUM([Treated Hh]) })

      Treated Hh (Aud) = SUM({ FIXED [Audience]:SUM([Treated Hh]) })