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    Hover over the state

    Tina Crouse

      I have a state as a dimension and I want the ability to hover over that state like CA and display a tooltip with a value. I want to hover over the next state which is CO and display a different value. I have read where I can create all these blank summations where it is like 3 calculations per state. I would end up with 42 calculations based on the states in my bucket. We do not have customers in all states. The value I want to display feeds a dashboard. So when the dashboard is created and I am using it, I want to hover over CA in that dashboard and see their value. Their value is a baseline value and the end-users absolutely do not want a reference line would actually make this easy. Is there a way to do this? I have a spreadsheet I added all the states to and their base values and thought maybe I could create an action of hover if CA is moused over but that did not work.

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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Tina,


          If I am understanding your question correctly, I believe you could do this by using the Tooltip embedded with another sheet that references the value. Something like this:

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            Tina Crouse

            The states are not in a map. They are on dashboard:


            State   May18    Jun18           Graph that has rolling 13 months' worth of 3 measures with the May17 start and Jun18 end

            CA       41.3         43.0

            CO       52.7         53.1

            CT       81.1         92.0



            They want to have the ability to mouse over the CA in the State on the dashboard and see the tooltip that says the baseline value. Then when mouse over on CO see that baseline value. I cannot see how this can be accomplished. My only thing I can think of is reference line in the graph or adding another column the sheet that has the State May18 and Jun18 to say PerDiem Baseline and showing that value. That is not what they wanted but I have not found anything that tells me there is a feature in Tableau that allows hovering or mouse over on a single item within a dimension and have it show something like via tooltip or action.

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              Andrew Bickert

              I think I get what you are asking for. Any tooltip function we apply to will apply to the Marks and not the dimension. It will also apply to all the Marks. You can 'mimic' hovering over a dimension by adding multiple Marks areas that would give the illusion that you are hovering over the dimension which may be closer to what you are looking for but not exact.

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                Tina Crouse

                I will try that to my existing worksheet and see if I can hide all the labeling and everything just so I can see the original details of the worksheet and then when hovering see that baseline information. It would make much more sense to me to just add another column between state and the May18 value that is titled Per Diem with the amounts. I will let you know how I make out with this. Thanks.

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                  Tina Crouse

                  I cannot open the WB. My org only has 10.2.2 version. But If I understand I would create a calculation MIN() and in that calculation I guess I would say if my state = 'CA' then '78.3%' end


                  Because that is CA's value. Then I would add that as a measure to the columns and hide all the information and then add it to the tooltip as well and when I hover over dimension CA it should display 78.3%.


                  Then I would do the same for CO. Their rate is 68.9%. Correct?

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                    Tina Crouse

                    Can you help me with your calculations? I cannot open your wb. I am using 10.2.2

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                      Andrew Bickert

                      Hi Tina,

                      I believe the embedding a sheet in a tooltip came available in version 10.5 so we may need to consider doing this a different way. I exported the workbook as 10.2 so that you can open in.