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    Sum percentages in a Pie Chart?

    Bill Li

      Hi everyone,


      Is there a way to do the sum for percentages?


      Like in this case: 7.86%+5.11%+3.41%+11.54%=27.92%


      Background: the reason why it's not summing to 100% is that we used different denominators for the business need.


      Appreciated your help in advance.

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          Love Tableau

          I am not Sure if I understood you correctly but based on my understanding I took the sample dataset which comes with tableau (SuperStore)and created individual calculations for each segment

          For Consumer Segment

          IF ATTR([Segment])="Consumer" THEN (SUM([Sales])/TOTAL(SUM([Sales])))*100


          That gave me % of Consumer

          Similarly the remaining two such as "Corporate" and "HomeOffice"

          Create another calculation Sumpercentages where it adds Consumer+HomeOffice+Corporate


          Kindly Let me know if this is not what you are looking for