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    Blending two datasets

    Mazen Injibar

      Hi, I am trying to blend to separate datasets from a database. One table has an occupancy level which I have calculated using calculated fields and the other table has a calculated field that shows the percentage of visits we made versus others. I need to blend those two datasets inorder to multiply the visit percentage with the occupancy percentage to get our occupancy versus the whole occupancy. It is very difficult to join those two datasets which is why im connecting them. However, when I link them (using the name1 field which is the region field) I get the occupancy rates correct but the percentage of visits wrong and when I add the date as a link I get the visit percentage right but the occupancy rates screw up. Attached is the example I'm using.

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          Joe Oppelt

          This is a VERY busy workbook.  I can't find the fields you are referring to.


          What are the calculated fields you're trying to use for this problem in the two data sources?  And what are the fields you are trying to blend on?  (And what dimension group is each one in?)


          also, I get this error when I open the workbook, but I think it's not involved in the   sheet we're playing with (I assume Sheet 13), so maybe this isn't a problem for this thread:


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            Mazen Injibar

            Sorry for the cluttered workbook.


            The two fields are mainly:

            1. Hours occupancy KSA

            2. C Duration Percentage


            The Linkage is based on

            1. Name1

            2. Visit Date Formatted (from Customer Visits Datasource) Linked to Visit Date in SP Availability & SP Datasource