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    Context Filter does not show correct data for high granularity

    Monika Piekarska

      Hi guys,


      I got a data set with time range for last 2 years. I have to visualize:

      1. high level data: Total of Sales

      2. low level data: Total of Top Products by Sales & Total of Others


      To visualize case 1. I use just sum(Sales)

      To visualize case 2. Top Products are defined by set (Top: by field Top_Products_Parameter, by sum(Sales)). Set is computed by % of Total Sales. All quick filters must be Added to Context to achieve a correct result for Total of Top Products.


      What's a problem?

      A high level Total of Sales is calculated correctly unless I Add to Context a filter that is on same low level like Products. After adding it to Context, Total of Sales starts to show data from different Year than defined in the calculation and generally the whole dashboard messed up


      The solution?

      I have to set up the filter that is on Product level so it will be included to case 2. but it will be excluded from case 1. Do you have any suggestions? OR can you explain to me what happens in Tableau after adding a low level data as a context filter?

      I found dozens of posts about it but started slowly to be lost in the fog...


      Your help is really appreciated