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    Opacity for Highlight action

    Venkat Thota


      I have summary bar chart and detail bar chart in a dashboard.  I have a highlight action and its working good. As you know highlight action highlight the marks from one chart to another chart based on our selection. Others marks will be grayed out in other words their opacity is reduced to 50%.

      is it possible to reduce this opacity to 0%.

      My customer asked to gray out more lighter than its appearing now.

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          Hello Venkat,


          Since the ability to modify the highlight action in this manner is not yet built into the Tableau Desktop product I would suggest some of the following options:


          1. Suggest the ability to format or control the highlight action filter in a different ways to the Tableau Community Ideas Forum: Ideas

          2. As a workaround, you could try to use a filter action instead of the highlight action. To filer down to the specified points as desired. This would give a similar affect as to them fading to 0% opacity on the sheet. (though the sheet might reformt depending on how much data is filtered etc..)


          Hope this helps!

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            Venkat Thota

            Thank you Patrick for the response. I have multiple charts in detail section so action filter is not the good choice because the charts are reformatting and it looks ugly.

            I have a summary chart at the top and in the bottom I have detail charts arranged like a  6x6 matrix. When I apply a action filter, after filtering some charts wont show and rest of the charts reformatted and occupying entire bottom space and coming in different sizes. That's why I suggested for highlight option.