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    Customer Churn - Insights to actionable data

    Ryan Rafferty

      How to Track Churn rate overtime


      I recreated the the dashboard from this thread (great read). The data is great, and I set it up to dynamically show churn rate based on a number of parameters pertinent to the company I work for. Although these insights are great, I want to take it a step further that will lead to profitable actions.


      The data shows:

      Active customers in the last 12 months (as a reference - grey bars) and

      Active customers in the last 6 months (the blue bars)


      I want to extract from the most recent month, the customers that are active in the last 12 months but not in the last 6 months (i.e. the customers that have churned).  Due to a number of these caluclations utilizing window_sum, and being based on the month/year, I am having a hard time putting together a cross tab of the customer information (these would be valuable leads/targets for our inside sales team).


      Any Thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I've attached the sample workbook from the original thread that I linked at the top.



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          Hello Ryan,


          One method would be to filter the data out that you do not want displayed leaving only the customers that fit the criteria. I am attaching a a samaple workbook. In the workbook I used a calculated field and an IF statement to create logic that will only return customers that both appear in the [Active customer in last 12] months and [Active customer in last 6] months. I then dragged my calculation [!Active Customer] to the filter shelf and set it to 1. Being that 1 is when the arguments are satisfied.


          To see the calculation, right click and select 'Edit' on the calculation [Active Customer].

          *Note after I created the calcuation I converted it to discrete.


          Hope this example helps!



          Byrne, Patrick