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    Show only the Dimensions that have a given measure - but showing all the measures within Dimension

    Darren Toal

      Hello All,


      I am looking to see the % concentration of work within a department by each client.


      How would I filter my clients to see only those clients that have 85% or more of their work in a given department?


      But I want to see the % spread across each department for those clients - so I can't just filter it to be >85% as I still would like to see the %s below 85% for those clients.


      For example:


      Client NameDept 1Dept 2Dept 3




      I want to create a filter that would only show client XYZ rather than ABC but I want the filter to show me all departments for that client.


      Anyone got any idea how I would create this?


      Many thanks,