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    Worksheet is not showing in Dashboard

    Naveen B

      Hi ,


      Due to data sensitivity i wont be able to attach the workbook let me explain the scenario in Detail,


      I am sql server stored procedure and Tableau Parameter - Maintaining Live connection


      In stored procedure we are passing a parameter whenever user changes the parameter in tableau , backend sql procedure will return return the values,


      Based on the return values we are preparing worksheets and placing in the dashboard.


      Here comes tricky part whenver user changes the paramter worksheet is not showing any data and when i go and check the worksheet data is available .


      Dont know what exactly the issues kindly help with this

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          Hi Naveen,


          Parameters are only as useful as the value being passed to them...I think your issue may lie in your data coming in through your stored procedure..If the worksheet being created as a result of your parameter has any fields that are being filtered that are NOT present within your SQL ingestion query, this can break links and result in phantom sheets. Id' love to help further if you could provide an example even via screenshot.


          Hope this helped,


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            Naveen B

            Hi Waqar,


            I am unable to provide the screenshot


            Let me give you scenario where I am getting the issue


            I have company codes 10 & 20 using in the parameter


            we created a sheet showing


            Season-wise sales Table and placed in the dashboard


            Season         Sales

            SU                20

            HO               30

            FA                40


            When User selects the company code 10 in parameter then the procedure is executing and showing the data at Worksheet Level but when i look at the same sheet in the dashboard it's not coming up and the sheet is showing blank


            In order bring the data manually what i am doing is


            1) Clicking on the worksheet in the dashboard

            2) Selecting the view as "Standard" (after changing standard crosstab appears in the dashboard)

            3) then again changing it to the entire view


            Every time i am getting this error don't know what is the issue data is appearing at worksheet level but when i check at dashboard level view is going blank