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    Nested Case to Return One Value?

    Chad Clauson

      I'm trying to display a KPI using a calculated field but it shows me multiple shapes based on my data. Essentially, I want to display a green check mark if ALL my records have "Y" in [A]; yellow exclamation point if AT LEAST 1 record shows "N" in [A] and the number 1 in [B]; and a red x if AT LEAST 1 record shows "N" in [A] and a number 2 or higher in [B].


      I already assigned the shapes to the possible output. However it displays multiple shapes because it is checking row by row. Here's my current calculated field. How do I adjust it so that it will only return 1 shape? Thanks!


      IF ([A] = "Y") THEN "Green"

      ELSEIF [A] = "N" AND [B] = 1 THEN "Yellow"

      ELSEIF [A] = "N" AND [B] >= 2 THEN "Red"


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Chad

          each clause in the IF is taken separately - as soon as one is true then the total condition is satisfied and the next record is processed

          Can't see your data so this will get you close

          IF ([A] = "Y")    and [B}='Y' and [c] ='Y"                           THEN "Green"

          elseIF ([A] = "N")    and [B}='N' and [c] ='N"   Then Red

          else "yellow" end




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