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    Filter Dashboard with multiple datasources and missing field on secondary datasource


      Dear Tableau Community,


      i´m struggling with filtering on my dashboard with multiple datasources. I´m connected to a OLAP (SSAS) and have created a set called "Region", which contains the dimensions from a hierarchy. In this set there is also an aggregated field called "WORLD" which gives me the aggregation of all regions. In another worksheet i´ve a connection to a excel file with same regions, but no aggregation on "WORLD"-level.


      This works: If i select a region on worksheet 1 (OLAP) it gives me the correct region on worksheet 2 (Excel). Because i´ve set a relation between two datasources.

      This is not working: If i select "WORLD" on worksheet 1, the action filter is giving value "WORLD" on worksheet 2. But since i don´t have aggregation on excel file, it is showing nothing.

      My goal: If i select "WORLD" it should show/sum up all Regions on worksheet 2. How can i achieve this?