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    'Age Group' Dimension manual sorting not working in Tableau Server/Tableau Desktop

    Anuj Chopra

      Hi All,


      I have a dimension 'Customer Age' using this dimension I have created a group 'Age Bands' as follows:

      1. under 9

      2. 9-14

      3. 15-33

      4. 34-49

      5. 50-60

      6. over 60

      7. Not Applicable


      Now, I want them sorted in the same order as above. I have set the default sort properties of the 'Age Band' group from the data pane using the 'Manual' sort option. However, when I publish my data source to tableau server it does not reflect these changes and goes back to a default sort:

      1. 9-14




      5.Not Applicable

      6.over 60

      7.under 9


      Anyone can please provide input as to why this is happening.