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    Compare Two Dates From Two Different Data Source In Tableau

    Kapil Dks



      Any one help me on my requirement,


      I have two different Data Source(Attached with Twbx). I need to compare the two dates from different data source & i should get the result.


      For Ex :


      Data Source 1 :


      I have "Ticket Entered Date"


      Data Source 2 :


      I have "Installed Date"


      Now I would to achieve the following requirement.


      IF Attr([Ticket Entered Date]) > ATTR([Sheet1 (DS 2)].[Installed Date])

      Then '1'

      Else '0'



      Above calculation not working.


      As per my attached sheet i should get value as follows,


      For Feb i should get value '0'

      For June i should get a value as '2'


      Could you please any one help on this?