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    Downloading Crosstable into excel in another locale

    Hani Abu Rahmeh

      We have a tableau online site that serves both UK and French speaking users. In one of the workbooks, we have a simple table where the measures are comma separated. When downloading from TO in the UK as a cross-table, it appears fine. When a French user downloads it, the comma appears as a space. For example - 32,123 appears as text in excel as 32 123. How can I control this so it downloads as 32,123 so that excel recognise it as a number and not a string.



      The users have set-up their language to french in TO


      Thank you

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          Hello Hani,


          That is an interesting behavior that is occurring. I have not seen other users reporting this but I will need to take a deeper look.


          Does the same behavior occur if you allow the user to download the extract from Tableau Online? They could then export from Tableau Reader to Excel. I know this is not an ideal solution, but it may allow them to get the data in the correct format for the time being.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick