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    Changing the color of a trend line by fiscal year and quarter

    Taylor MacKenzie



      I am trying to visualize savings reporting data by using a trend line. I have a "Fiscal Year" field with the years 2014-2019 and a "Quarter" year with Q1-Q4. On the same line there are two data points: Actual Savings and Projected Savings. Actual savings is from 2014-2018Q2 and projected savings is from 2018Q3-2019. Since this data rides on the same line, how do I change the color of the trend line as I transition from FY18Q2 to FY18Q3? I am looking to create a graph similar to the one below, and all elements are put together except having the orange line transition to the dotted gray line. Thank you!!


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Taylor

          It would be easier with your data

          I help out someone yester day with a similar issue

          see the attached


          he had a best case / actual data and a worst case scenario




          the dateadd portion was just there to accommodate his dataset

          and the color on the actal best was

          and the worst case id


          created a dual axis chart

          then create the viz


          you will have to adapt the concept to your specific data


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