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    Error messages shown in Tableau (using Cloudera Impala)

    SH L

      Hi all,


      Recently I set up and installed Impala driver under ODBC manager (previously using Hive driver). Connection is done through via the Cloudera Hadoop in Tableau Desktop.


      When I open the dashboards in the workbook, there are some error messages being returned.


      For e.g. one of the charts in a dashboard caused the following message as shown (covered the query with a black box):

      Upon going to the specific worksheet, the follow message appeared, with more descriptions:


      The dashboards were able to load when it was connecting to Cloudera Hive.


      Fyi, I also followed the steps to connect to Cloudera Impala from this link  https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#examples_hadoop.html 


      Any idea on this? Your help is greatly appreciated!