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    Create a line graph for current, prior and Total Network lines

    Susmita mandala

      Hello ,

      Here is the screen shot of my data (I also attached it in excel format). I am trying to calculate admit_1000, which is a calculated field admitcount/mmos*12000.

      I create that field in Tableau calculation (represented here as a FYI). I need this metric calculated and displayed as Line graph at IDN level.


      There will be 3 lines: Current Year, Previous Year and Current Year Total Network with cumulative YTD calculations

      The idea is that Network Line will remain constant for each month regardless of what IDN I choose in the filter.





      Here is what I intend to see:

      YTD Cumulative current year,Previous Year and Current Network Year: For example MGH,120: Jan'17=22,Feb'17= 22+8.

      I created Running_sum calculations. But however they don't work. Can you please help?


      Here is what I wanted to see (I would like to see Network current year added here as well).

      Acute Admits Utilization YTD Cumulative.png