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    Bypassing system requirement check during installation


      Hi Folks,


      Is it possible to bypass the system requirements check during the installation process?


      When I issue:

      yum install -y tableau-server.rpm

      it errors with:

      --Your system does NOT meet the minimum system requirements for Tableau Server--

      Tableau Server requires these minimum hardware requirements: http://www.tableau.com/products/server/specs

      Either try the install on a different computer, or explore our other options for running a trial of Tableau Server: http://www.tableau.com/products/server/download

      Tableau Server runs best with at least 32 GB memory, but found only 16 GB of memory.

      WARNING: The ip command is not installed. Skipping verification that temporary IPv6 addresses are disabled for all nodes in the cluster. For details, see:

      http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/temporary-ipv6 (Disabling temporary IPv6 addresses)

      systemd does not appear to be running.

      To run a Tableau Server on Linux, you must use a distro running with systemd. For details on supported distros, see:



      I want to deploy tableau to a container-as-a-service platform so I need to develop the container image locally before deploying the container image on the actual server, which should have more CPUs and RAM than my development machine.


      Any ideas, how I might be able to accomplish this?


      My first thought was to try and bypass the system requirement checks, but maybe there's another way.


      I wasn't able to find an image that already had tableau-server installed.


      Thank you for your time!